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We are passionate about helping Sacramento and surrounding area homeowners avoid the stress of selling your burdensome house and beautifying the areas one house at a time.

About Big Tomato Home Buyers

Company Values

Give – We give freely and provide value to others without expectations.

Integrity – With our integrity we operate from a place of honesty and do the right thing.

Commitment – Our word is the most valuable thing we can offer; we keep our word. We will do everything that we can to help you navigate your real estate hardships and find a solution to your goal.

Hard Work – We love what we do and are obsessed with improving our services and customer experience. No matter how hard or complicated the task, we will get it done. Our hard work provides value to our clients and community.

Who is Big Tomato Home Buyers?

Big Tomato Home Buyers was started by me, Jeff Maihack. A real guy. A local guy. With almost 2 decades of working in real estate, the market has changed. I needed another way to be able to reach sellers with challenging property situations and continue to deliver solutions for their “property problem”. People have had properties that were in foreclosure, inherited, ran out of money, didn’t have the skill, maybe in bankruptcy, horrible tenants, been sitting vacant, needed a skilled joint venture partner, etc. They have all have needed special attention to create a solution that worked for them. The journey has been exciting and fun. I have met clients through door knocking, phone calls, open market sales, off market sales, the courthouse steps (foreclosure auction), mailings, letters, cash, used traditional finance and creative finance, I’ve done it all. But the best way to connect is the old-fashioned way, face-to-face and talk about the issue or problem and look at the possible solutions to find what is the best fit for you. I have the ability to serve the greater Sacramento and surrounding real estate markets not because I am anyone special, but because I believe in doing what’s right and finding a solution that works for everyone.

The name sounds cheesy, so why “Big Tomato Home Buyers”? 

With family roots in the greater Sacramento area that go back 150+ years and Sacramento being called the Big Tomato, the name fit. Northern California is my home. I grew up in Elk Grove and have lived and worked around the Sacramento area.

My Mom’s family has been in these areas: The George Pontius General Store in Coloma where gold was discovered in 1848; an uncle was a warden at Folsom Prison and she would spend time during the summers with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin; her Dad (my grandfather) sold heavy equipment to build Folsom Dam; her uncle owned Romack Plumbing; her cousin, Barbara Romack was the first woman on Sports Illustrated and had Romack Circle, in Sacramento, named after her; my grandfather owned the Elk Grove Variety Store and the Courtland Bar. Also, if you have lived in “Sacra-tomato” for as long as I have or longer, you’ll remember the tomato trucks running up and down the freeway in the summer scattering tomatoes along the shoulder of the freeway from the overfilled trailers as they made their way to the processing plants. One of the local plants was the Campbell’s Soup plant at 47th and Franklin Bl. If you were anywhere near there or downtown, you were sure to catch a whiff of the tomatoes cooking or maybe it was a good whiff of the Wonder Bread plant on the other side of Highway 99. And that is how Sacramento coined the name “Big Tomato”.

So with family roots going back for decades and decades in this area, the name, Big Tomato Home Buyers was a great fit. We are a real estate solutions company based out of Sacramento. We’re a locally owned business with a focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions to any problem. Big Tomato Home Buyers can help!

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